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Call to Mid Winter Grande Du Kansas Promenade





Mid-Winter 2017


Meeting Minutes of Grand Midwinter Cheminot and Promenade – January 21 2017

Casper J. Middlekauff American Legion Post 173, Hays, Kansas




Cheminot was opened by Grand Chef Robert Graves at 9:10 A.M. with twenty four Voyageurs present.

V/ l 58 discussed changing the name of their annual Wreck from the 58 Wreck to the Kansas Wreck in order that Nationale would be more apt to include this annual wreck in their Calendar of events. A motion was made to bring this issue to the membership, seconded and approved.


Merci Box Car Directeur Ed Holtzmeister discussed the need to have Grand du Kansas take control (Guardianship) of the Kansas Merci Box car from Casper J. Middlekauff American Legion Post 173.  The Hays Post is currently for sale and the Merci Box Car needs to be moved from this property prior to the sale.  A motion was made to bring this matter to the membership, it was seconded and approved.


No other business, the Cheminot was closed.




Grand Chef de Gare Robert Graves properly opened the Promenade at 9:45 A.M.   V/L 1543 Chef de Gare Ed Holtzmeister welcomed everyone to Hays, Kansas.


The roll call of Officers and Grand Cheminot was conducted by the Grand Correspondant. A quorum was present.

Officer’s reports were given by Grand Chef Robert, Grand Chef de Train Tim Russell and Commissaire Intendant Ernie Cooper.

The delegates to the Nationale Convention held in Perrysburg, Ohio gave their reports on the program meetings they attended. The delegates reporting were Ernie Cooper, Doyle Wood, Bruce Kouba, Ralph Schnieder, and Randy Lehman.  Cindy Dietz and Tom Emerson also attended as delegates from Kansas.


Grand Chef Robert called on Grand Chef de Train, Tim, to have the Grand Directeurs report on their programs.  All Directeurs gave their reports except for Nurses Training, Americanism, and Veterans Home as these Directeurs were unable to attend.

Grand Directeur, Merci Box Car, Ed Holtzmeister explained the need for Grand to secure possession of the Merci Box Car from the American Legion Post 173, as the post is for sale. Ed advised that V/L 1543 and the Hays Parks commission have agreed to the move of the Box Car to the Veterans Park located near the Post.  Ed and voyageurs of 1543 are working with the city and contractors on plans for the move.  There will be some costs of moving and upkeep of the Box Car once it is relocated but at this time the costs are not known. A notion for Grand to assume responsibility of the Merci Box Car from the Legion was seconded and approved after discussion.


The Midwinter Promenade recessed for a great lunch that was prepared by Grand Chef Roberts wife (and boss,) Donna.

The Promenade was called to order by Grand Chef Robert after lunch.


A notion for Grand du Kansas to put an advertisement in the upcoming Central States Promenade program booklet, that will be held in Austin, Kansas this April was seconded and approved.


A notion to change the Voiture 58 wreck to the Kansas Wreck was made and seconded, after discussion it was approved.

Aaron Winkleman reported on the Honor Flight he coordinates for  Central Heights High School .Aaron said the past Honor Flight was awesome and that Central Heights is putting together another flight for this summer and if anyone is interested they can contract them.




     Dan Land Voiture Activities Aware ---V/L 58       Roger Bouton Largest % increase award ---V/L 1510

     Steve Ash Membership Award --- V/L 1543         Fred Wendt Nurses Training Award -------V/L 786

     Cindy Dietz Child Welfare Award ----V/L 786       Dr. F.T. Mohler Voiture wrecking most PG’s—V/L-58

     T.J. Danley Americanism Award ---V/L 786          Russ Shughart Outstanding Chef award –Vince Van Cleve

     Bruce Kouba Youth Sports Award – V/L-58          John Lee Carville Star Award ---  V/L  1261


     Ernie Cooper Outstanding Correspondant Award---Larry Francq,  V/L 786


Grand Chef Robert presented 100 % membership pins to V/L 1029, and V/L 1543. He then presented Ed Holtzmeister with a 40et8 pocket watch for his dedication to the Merci Box Car. Time and Place- Grand Chef de Gare Robert advised the 96th Grand Promenade will be held on July 14, 15, and 16 in Manhattan Kansas.  All activities will be held at the Sheridan Four Point hotel ,Manhattan Kansas.


Grand Chef de Gare Robert Graves properly closed the Grand Midwinter Promenade at 1400 hrs.


Respectfully Submitted,


Tom Emerson

Grand Correspondant