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Chef Dave at the Truman Pilgrimage. Pictured with the Kansas American Legion Department Commander and fellow V1510 Voyager, Emery McKimmey.

2013-2014 Grand Officers—Grand Chef Dave Mader

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2012-2013 Grand Officers—Grand Chef Wayne McReynolds

94th Grande Prom 2015 — Manhattan

Midwinter 2015  - Wichita


Chef Cindy

V1510, Tri-County

 Ralph Dalrymple 62 yr Service Award

V1543 Hays Visit

Sept 24, 2015

An official visit to the Voiture 1543 and the Merci Boxcar.  Its always great to see Ed.  Meeting the rest of his Voiture was a true honor. Ralph Schnieder, my aide de camp, was of course by my side. 3 new Voyagers were present.  Keep up the great work!


96th Promenade Nationale

Sept 16-20, 2015


Sally Emerson presents the Chef de Chemin de Fer Mike Wood with a new bib. 


Click the picture for a link to other pics.  These pictures were taken at the Friday night Banquet. Ralph Schneider also attended Nationale, but was not present at the  Banquet.

V786 Steak Dinner

The first official visit to another Voiture, what a great meal and fellowship. 

V786 Grand Chef de Gare Passe Marvin Jordan 52 yr Service Award

V335 La Harpe Visit

October 8, 2015

With Bill Yeadon Chef de Gare

Eisenhower Pilgrimage

October 10, 2015


Linda Sullivan, La President  KS Grande Cabane

Randy Lehman, National Cheminot

Vice Commander Munson Homecoming

October 10, 2015

With Charles Grieco 2nd District Commander

& Scott Williams 2nd Dis. Vice Commander, both are fellow Voyageurs.


October 19, 2015

We are pictured with the Voitures original banner from 1936. Tony took the picture.

Veterans Parade

Nov 11, 2015

Jack LeRoy as always arranged for the 40&8 GCdG to be in the parade. Also riding was Ed Jones, National Cheminot Passe for MO.

Thanks Jack

V1510, Tri-County

 Xmas Party Pictures


Eisenhower VA Hospital

Nov 2015 & Jan  2016

Ralph Scheider, John Snodel, & Sharon the VA activities director.

MidWinter Promenade

JAN 16, 2016

Garnett, KS


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2014-2015 Grand Officers— Grand Chef Randy Lehman

Hillbilly Wrek


Gatlinburg, TN

V58 Wreck

Feb 13-14, 2016

Wichita, KS


NEVER FALL ASLEEP with this Crowd.


Just ask Adolph



Truman Pilgrimage


Independence, MO

Grand Chefs of  KS, IL, NE and MO

V1163 Officer Installation

May 16, 2016

2016 Central States

V1510 Officer Installation

June 26, 2016

2016 Nationale— Most of the KS delegation and the Officer of the Year.

V1543 Officer Installation

June 23, 2016

A banner flown in Garnett, KS honoring our Grand Chef Passe Tom Emerson for his military service. Now this is what young Tommy looked like.

2016 Grand Prom in Emporia

And I almost made it through the prom with the thing. Lesson: Never  trust Ernie, if  he wants a hug.

Chef Robert

A poster from the 1996 Grand Promenade  (Wichita). That would be the then, Grand Chef Ralph Schneider snuggled in bed.