Please take special note because of a baseball tournament in the area the hotel is only going to hold our block of rooms until June 14th.

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The 96th Annual Grande Promenade of the Grande Voiture du Kansas.


In conformity with the provisions of the Constitution of the Grande Voiture du Kansas, the Ninety Sixth annual promenade of the Grand Voiture du Kansas of La Societe de Quarante Hommes et Huit Chevaux is hereby called to meet at Four Points by Sheridan, 539 Richards Drive, Manhattan, Kansas 66502, on July 14, 15, & 16 , 2017




The Grande Promenade is hereby called for the following purposes:

To elect officers for the following year.

For the transactions of such other business as may be properly brought before the Grande Promenade.




Representation will be by Voiture with each Voiture Locale in good standing being entitled to two (2) delegates and two (2) alternates for the first fifteen (15) members, and that one (1) delegate and one (1) alternate shall be allowed for each additional fifteen (15) members, or fraction thereof. Representation of each Voiture Locale shall be based on their paid-up membership as of the last day of June; such membership shall have been transmitted to and received by Voiture Nationale on or prior to that date. Provided that no Voiture Locale shall be allowed representation in the Grand Promenade until all current per capita tax shall have been paid and all other money, which is past due to the Grande Voiture and Voiture Nationale, shall have been paid.


Each Grand Chef de Gare Passe du Kansas who is a member in good standing of a Kansas Voiture Locale shall be a delegate at the Grande Promenade, with one vote, not to be counted against his Voiture Locale voting strength, to be exercised only when he is personally present.


Voting in the promenade will be by Voiture Locale and each Voiture delegation shall elect a chairman and secretary for its delegation and furnish the Grand Correspondant not later than 1000 hrs July 15th, 2017 the following information.


Number of his Voiture

Name of delegation chairman

Name of delegates and alternates




All sessions in the Grande Promenade will be secret, but any member of La Societe in good standing will be admitted to the promenade on presentation of his 2017 membership card to the Grand Garde de la Porte.





Resolutions may be submitted by Voiture Locale, or by any accredited delegate. Each resolution must be typewritten in duplicate and furnished to the Grand Correspondant not later than 1200 hrs. July 15th, 2017.




                 The business and other sessions of the Grand Promenade will be held as follows:


Friday, July 14th, 2017                                         1500 hrs. until 1800 hrs registration at

Four Points by Sheridan.


                 Saturday, July 15th, 2017                     0800 hrs. until 1300 hrs registration

                                                                                                      0930 hrs. La Femmes Rendezvous,

Four Points by Sheridan

                                                                                                      1030 hrs. Grand Cheminot meeting

1130 Lunch

1300 hrs Call to Order Grand Promenade.

                                                                                                      1530 hrs until 1700 hrs registration

                                                                                                      1800 hrs Social hr.

1830 hrs. Banquet, Four Points by Sheridan 


                 Sunday, July 16th, 2017                       0700 hrs. Past Grand Chef de Gare Breakfast

                                                                                                      0900 hrs Memorial Service

Call to order, 15 minutes after memorial service


The Grand Chef de Gare specifically requests that each Grand Officer be present at the Grande Promenade. Any officer unable to attend should notify the Grand Correspondant. All Grand Directeurs will be prepared to report on their respective programs. All Voyageurs are encouraged to attend.


 Headquarters Hotel is the Four Points by Sheridan, 530 Richards Drive, Manhattan, Kansas 66502. Room Rates are $ 85.00 plus tax per night Breakfast is included with the room. The cutoff date for reservations is June 14, 2017. The telephone number is 785-539-5311. Specify you are with the 40 & 8.


The Hotel is 100% Non-Smoking

Check-in is 3:00PM and Check-out is 11:00AM



                 Pre Registration Form


NAME:______________________________________  EMAIL:_______________________________


ADDRESS:____________________________   CITY:_____________________ ST/ZIP:___________


PHONE:__________________________               CELL PHONE:______________________________


VOITURE/# ______________                                          GRAND DU ___________________________


Will Spouse/Guest attend? (YES_____)   (NO_____)      NAME:________________________________


What is your highest Current Office: VOYAGEUR: __________________________________________




REGISTRATION FEE------------------------__________ X  $10.00 EA =_______.____


SAT LUNCH-----------------------------------___________X $ 5.00 EA = ---------------------


SAT BANQUET ------------------------------___________X $25.00 EA = ______.____


PROGRAM BOOK BOOSTERS $2.00 EACH NAME ____________X $    2.00 EA.=     _______________


                                                                                                                     TOTAL =     $_________________


Advance registration is requested; make checks payable to Voiture 1261.                     Send to:

Robert Graves

515 S. 5th St.

Herington, Ks. 67449

Or. Call 785-366-0094 or Email him at-






Tom Emerson,                                                                                                            

Grand Correspondant