Minutes of  Grande Du Kansas Cheminot & Promenade

Manhattan Kansas July 14-15-16 2017


96th. Grand Promenade was called to order by Grand Chef du Kansas Robert Graves at 1310 hrs.  There were 30 Voyaguer Militaire present.


Grand Aumonier Jack Kume placed the Alter Cloth on the Alter.  The colors in place Chef Robert had the voyageurs join him in pledging allegiance to the flag.


Chef Robert called on Grand Chef de Train Tim Russell to place the POW/MIA flag on the empty chair.  Aumonier Jack invoked the Devine Blessing.


Grand Chef Robert then pronounced the Promenade open for such business as may come before it.


Our Nationale Guest Sous Chef de Chemin de Fer Jim Vissers was introduced and escorted to the seat to the right of Grand Chef Robert.


Grand Correspondant Tom Emerson conducted the roll call of Grand Officers and Directeurs. A quorum was present.

Grand Chef Robert presented 100 % membership pins to Vince Van Cleave and V/L 1029.


Chef Robert called for the reading of the Minutes. A notion was made to suspend the reading of the minutes it was, seconded and passed.


Grand Chef Robert called for the reports of the Grand Officers.


Grand Chef de Train Tim’s report was given and approved. Grand Chef Robert gave a report on his travels and duties of his office that he successfully completed during his year.  His report was approved. Tom Emerson gave the Financial report for Ernie Cooper as he was unable to attend due to health issues.  The report was approved.


The following reports were given and approved.

Youth Sports                           Darral Marquardt

Special Awards                      Darral Marquardt

Carville Star                            Tom Emerson

VAVS                                       Eric Kramer

Voiture Activities                  Randy Lehman

Rolling Stock                          Robert Graves

Americanism                          Tom Emerson

Box Car                                    Tom Emerson

Merci Box Car                        Ed Holzmeister


Ed Holzmeister called Sous Chef de Chemin de Fer Jim Vissers to the podium and presented him with a citation and plaque made from the original wood of the Kansas “Merci” boxcar. Grand Chef Robert was also presented a plaque and citation by Ed and V/L 1543. Ed gave the Voyageurs an update on the progress of getting the Merci Box Car moved from the American Legion lot to the City’s Memorial Park.  The approximate cost for the move has been estimated at around $ 35,000.  Ed is asking for a grant from the Hays Historical Society to assist with the funds needed for the move.


Bruce Kouba suggested we should send a letter to the Kansas Lottery for a grant also.


Grand Chef Robert advised we would continue the reports when we reconvene after the memorial service is complete tomorrow morning.


Grand Correspondant Tom announced that the Social hour will begin at 1800 hrs. with the banquet  at 1900 hrs.  The past Grand Chefs breakfast would begin at 7am and the Memorial service will begin at 900hrs. Sunday morning.


With the flag of our Country in place Grand Chef Robert had everyone rise and salute the flag then recessed the Promenade.


                                                                                     SUNDAY JULY 16,2017

Grand Chef Robert Graves reconvened the Grand Promenade at 0945 hrs.  The remaining Grand Directeurs reports were given:

Child Welfare-                        Tim Russell

POW/MIA                              Clarence Hermann

Nurses Training                     Mike Hummel

Public Relations                     Robert Graves

Membership                            Tim Russell.


After some discussion on the duties of all Grand Directeurs a notion was made to hold a training session regarding the duties of all Grand Directeaurs in their collecting reports from all locals and then getting their consolidated report to the proper National Directeur on time. Notion passed and we will have the training session during the Kansas Wreck held in Wichita next February.


After discussion on possibly holding a Grand Cheminot between the Grand Promenade and Grand Mid-winter a notion was made to hold a Cheminot in October with the date to be determined, notion passed.


Grand Chef Robert passed out gifts to his Officers and Directeurs. Grand Chef also reported that the donation jar at the hospitality room collected $ 44.00 to help offset the postage cost to send the coke bottles to the Carville Star Museum, and that the raffle of the Quilt brought $55.00 for Grand.


Past Grand Chef Steve Ash reported that $ 200.00 was raised during the past Chefs breakfast and that it was earmarked for helping to offset the cost of moving the Merci Boxcar.  A notion for Grand to match this donation was made and passed.

Aaron Winkleman V/L 786 gave a report on the Honor Flights that Students from Central Heights and surrounding schools were the escorts for the Veterans and helped raise the funds to send them to Washington.  Aaron said we all should realize there is hope for the future of our country.


Ron Purdy V/L 58 and Bruce Kouba V/L 58 told of the success of the Honor Flights in the Wichita area. Our organization is involved in this great program and we all should be proud of this.


Steve Ash Chairman of the Credentials Committee reported the following locale’s were registered, 58, 786, 1029, 1163, 1261, 1510, and 1543 and that the voting strength is 31.


The Committee on Committees reported their recommendations for the 2017 – 2018 Grand Officers listed below.

Grand Chef de Gare                              Tim Russell                             V/L 786

Grand Chef de Train                             Vince Van Cleave                 V/L 1029

Grand Sous Chef de Train                    Doyle Wood                           V/L 58

Grand Guarde de la Porte                     James Cook                             V/L 1261

Grand Commis Voyageur                    Aaron Winkleman                V/L 786

Grand Lampiste                                       Michael Hummel                   V/L 1261

Grand Commissar Intendant               Robert Graves                         V/L 1261


The following members advised they would attend the National Convention and will be turned into National as Delegates and Alternates to the Convention:

Randy Lehman, Jack LeRoy, Ron Purdy, Doyle Wood, Bruce Kouba, Robert Graves, Mike Hummel, Tom Emerson, Tony Monaco, and Ernie Cooper.


Time and Place report was given by Tim Russell.  The Midwinter Promenade will be held in Baldwin City at the American Legion Post located 803 High Street on Jan. 20, 2018. The Grand Promenade will be held on July 20,21, and 22, 2018 at a place to be determined later. 


Election of Officers—A notion was made to suspend the rules and have the Grand Correspondant cast a unanimous vote for the list of Officers recommended by the Committee on Committees. Notion was passed and the list of Officers were elected.


Sous Chef de Chemin de Fer James Vissers installed Grand du Kansas 2018 Officers.


The Gavel was given to our new Grand Chef de Gare Tim Russell who properly closed the Grand Promenade.


Respectively Submitted by

Tom Emerson – Grand Correspondant du Kansas